Astral Flame Wand

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Astral Flame Wand

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The Astral Flame Wand

Length - 20cm

Created by master wands craftsman Lui Leonhard Krieg

Tones of green, blue, red, orange and purple flicker throughout this cosmic wand, as though life force itself was harnessed within it's being. 

A pure vibrational stone, Colbalt aura; stone of spiritual abundance, enhances healing. This highly potent stone activates all of the chakras, calming and relaxing the physical and emotional body; exceptional for negative energy release, soothing and healing the auric field, amplifying and transmuting energies enhancing soul healing and learning. Aura quartz connects with the higher realms, expanding spiritual knowledge bestowed to us from the ascended masters.

Of ancient Egypt, the scarab symbolizes immortality, resurrection, transformation, rebirth and protection. Symbolising the sun god Ra who travels across the sky each day, setting and descending into the other realms only to be transformed and reborn afresh every morning. 

A heavenly symbol of the cycle of rebirth and regeneration. This wand conveys deep regeneration into the helix of our being, reminding us to open our eyes to the freshness and gift of the dawn, each waking day the gift of new life, a new path, a new day.

A quartz beam intricately woven betwixt the head and shaft connects and transmits healing from hilt to blade, directing and honing the energy of the healer towards those seeking healing, renewing the life force of both. 

Predominantly Green it is a superb balancer of the heart and emotions, creating equilibrium between head and heart. Green is the color of growth, spring, renewal and rebirth, reflecting and complimenting the scarab energy beautifully. Renewing and restoring depleted energy, green enables us to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally.

This wand is truly the rejuvenator needed for our current situation 


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