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The Sacred Nagini Wand

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The Sacred Nagini Wand

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The Sacred Nagini Wand

Sacred snake deities are universal, In India representing power, magic, protection and strength on spiritual journeys, also protectors of Buddha. Shivas snake personifies endless cycle of death and rebirth. Egyptian snake goddess Wadjet also represents protection. The Celtic snake exemplifies healing, rebirth and wisdom. 

Carved in beautiful Labradorite, the crystal the Inuit people believed fell from the Aurora borealis; gateway between the earthly plane and mystical realms. A truly magical shamanic stone awakening the inner magical spirit, boosting intuition, psychic abilities, supporting safety in vision questing, magical ritual and protection. 

This whole wand created from Labradorite from hilt to tip eminates magic, protection, and healing and is ready to aid you on your magical path. Garnet set in the hilt grounds and lifts Labradorite's power to a higher dimension. Are you ready to traverse the realms, dance in their magic and transform yourself?

Created by master wands craftsman By Lui Krieg

Length - 19cm

Comes in its own beautiful box


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