Kundalini Rising Pendant with Quartz Merkabah


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Kundalini Rising Pendant | Stertling Silver | Partially Gold Plated

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Kundalini Rising Pendant | Sterling Silver | Partially Gold Plated

One of the most popular ancient symbols, The Flower Of Life comprised of interlocking circles is set behind a highest quality Quartz Crystal Merkabah.

Encircling this is the intertwining serpents also known as the caduceus, which are holding a faceted gem Peridot at the base of the design. Historic and modern day symbolism of Kundalini energy shows two serpents intertwined around one another as they climb the spine.

The serpent is one of the oldest mythological symbols. It has diversified metaphoric application throughout history and has been used as a symbol to depict spiritual guidance, guardianship & fertilityAs snakes shed their skin they are also symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. 

This pendant is about awakening your inner fire and kundalini energies 

Size : 60mm x 32mm

Exclusive StoneAge design

Features a highest quality cut Merkabah Quartz Crystal over the Flower Of Life symbol

Comes in its own StoneAge Gift box


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