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Even more gorgeous than the photo! Perfect size, high vibe, and energetically mesmerizing! A beautiful and meaningful gift for myself! Thank You So Much!

J. Gabriel

This INCREDIBLE pendant ousts timeless magic - the beautiful combination of the alchemical metals of silver and gold - representing the sun and moon/god and goddess combine perfectly with the magical Libyan Desert Glass stone which vibrates such a deeply healing power. The Merkabah shaping magnifies the power, surrounding the wearer in a field of alchemical honey gold light accentuating their natural vibration and energy and promoting powerful spiritual ascension. Beyond stunning - it is well worth the investment - its a one off wonder of magic and light!

E. Courtenay

I love this wand so much. It has such a beautiful peaceful yet vibrant energy. I just want to keep holding it. So happy I have this wand and can't wait to use it more in my daily practice.

S. Segal