Zen Dub - Enigma

Zen Dub - Enigma

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Zen Dub - Enigma

Zen Dub returns with his highly anticipated new album ‘Enigma’, a ten track journey into the deep minimal side of Electronic music.

His latest record “Enigma” is the seventh release on his own imprint Sentience Records, showcasing a producer with the ability to synthesise far-reaching influences into a coherent project.  

‘Mahaba’ kicks off the record, opening with atmospheric panpipes, rippling ocean sounds and choral pads before easing into an engulfing soundscape of deep bass and rolling percussion. Zen Dub garnishes the tune with ethereal vocal samples and subtle plucked melodies, two elements that add depth to the rhythm work underneath. 

Reinforcing the serene vibe is the second track, ‘Linden’. Here, the mood is airy, thanks to staccato guitar chords and a blissful riff. Liquid bass lines and dreamy vocal samples give ‘Invoke’ a stargazing quality, while ‘Suffuse’ is a deep drum & bass ballad with a breath-taking vocal from Michael Baron. 

The soaring melodies and heady percussion of ‘Lucid’ feel primed for mind-expanding dancefloor experiences; ‘Transfixed’ lives up to its name with a dazzling rush of colourful synth patterns, while ‘Enigma’ captures the imagination with a sea of breathy vocal cuts and rushing melodies. 

Elsewhere, ‘Fantasy’ is detailed and serene; ‘Those Days’ is a forward-thinking slice of electronica infused R&B, and ‘Edge of Time’ sees Zen Dub and Michael Baron end “Enigma” on a memorable note. A progressive, vocal-led take on drum & bass, the track feels at home in both an underground and mainstream context, a testament to the ability of both artists involved. 

All tracks written & produced by Kai Norton

Featuring vocals from Michael Baron

Copyright Sentience Records 2021 ©



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