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Protection (UK Shipping Only)

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21st Century Alchemy – Integrating the Divine – An exploration into the magical transformation of the self.


The Divine Alchemy Creed... The aromatic mists of the Divine Alchemy range contain highest grade essential oils and plant fragrances in an alcohol and spring water base. Original formulae are given to us by Spirit, then are interpreted and blended by an internationally respected Master Aromatherapist.


How To Choose... The name on the bottle is an indication as to the purpose of the spray, and whether it will satisfy your needs.


How To Use... We suggest that you hold the spray at arm’s length above your head, spray one or two times, as you desire, and take a few moments to let the drift of fragrant mist settle around you. This will bring the multifarious benefits of the mist into your auric field, and the fragrance will have its effect on the olfactory area of your brain.

The microscopic scent molecules create a response in the part of your brain that deals with instinctive drives such as emotion, intuition, and sex drive, and they stimulate a cascade of hormonal/chemical responses in the entire mind-body interface.

On a Lighter note... using the sprays will connect you with the Forces of Nature, Spirit Entities, and Divine Beings that have elected to be part of the ‘Divine Alchemy’ team, and who function beyond the frequencies held within the bottles. Do invite your own personal deities and spirit associates into the procedure.

Divine Alchemy sprays are excellent for clearing and preparing, in sacred space and the home. Ritual objects can be consecrated or cleansed, bedrooms made ready for love, or your child’s teddy given a well deserved, appreciative misting!

The deeply violet bottles are specially designed to protect and preserve the bio-energies, aromatic compounds and other sensitive ingredients from radiation produced by visible light. The exception is permeability for the violet light frequency, and also the UVA and infrared spectrum.

We hope that you will reuse the spray bottles for other misting purposes, such as a rosewater spritzer, so you have further benefits from your purchase and help the planet by not discarding something really useful.


A Note To Finish... All healing, evolutionary processes, and the fulfilment of human potential require CHANGE, and creating positive change involves INTENT.

Divine Alchemy creations are designed to support you in dealing with everyday challenges, help you integrate healing and transformational energies into your bio-energetic systems, and support your courageous journey into wholeness.

Stepping into your power and finding your true purpose is not a new concept, but we need to speed up the process. A shift in consciousness is called for – an acceptance of one’s special gifts, an awareness of one’s unlimited potential, and a willingness to LET GO and CHANGE. 


100ml spray

Ingredients are sourced from around the world, and are wild crafted or organically grown wherever possible.

Do avoid contact with your eyes, and do not take internally.

If you have allergies, possible allergens are listed on the bottles.

Pets may dislike direct contact with the sprays due to strong aroma. Apply common sense and intuition and you can’t go wrong.



We dispatch worldwide from the United Kingdom with Royal Mail tracked delivery.

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Why choose StoneAge?

All of our creations bring together beautiful and powerful symbology with the finest materials and craftsmanship. We have been designing and manufacturing jewellery for over 25 years with thousands of happy customers around the world.


We take pride in sourcing the highest quality gems from all around the world and work with fair-trade suppliers and ethical mines.


We provide FREE SHIPPING on all jewellery items delivered within the UK!

And FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on all jewellery orders over £200


We are the world leaders in sacred jewellery for self-empowerment! You won't find our designs anywhere else!


We're confident you'll love our jewellery, but if for any reason you want to return it we offer a 30-day hassle free returns policy for peace of mind.

Please see our FAQ page for more details


Integrating ancient wisdom and magic with modern day craftsmanship to create jewellery to elevate mind, body & soul.

What are our customers saying about us?


Even more gorgeous than the photo! Perfect size, high vibe, and energetically mesmerizing! A beautiful and meaningful gift for myself! Thank You So Much!

Gabriel J.
Los Angeles, USA

This INCREDIBLE pendant ousts timeless magic - the beautiful combination of the alchemical metals of silver and gold - representing the sun and moon/god and goddess combine perfectly with the magical Libyan Desert Glass stone which vibrates such a deeply healing power. Beyond stunning - it is well worth the investment - its a one off wonder of magic and light!

Edwin C.
Bath, UK

I am so happy with my purchase, what a stunning piece of jewellery! The design is thoughtfully crafted to enhance the energy of the crystals. The crystals are of high quality as well as silver and gold. I have being wearing it since bought it! Thank you for making so beautifully crafted and holistic jewellery. I feel balanced and in tune when wearing it!

Angie S.
London, UK

Looking after your jewellery

Gently wipe the surface of your jewellery with a silver or gold polishing cloth

Keep your jewellery in individual pouches or within soft lined boxes

Remove rings when washing hands or moisturising, gardening, doing DIY, cleaning, swimming, and exercising

Please note on jewellery with gold highlights it is essential to follow the above guidelines to avoid excessive wear and tear on the plating

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